About the APHS Hall of Fame

Overview & Purpose

Established in 1994, the Archbishop Prendergast High School (APHS) Hall of Fame honors distinguished APHS alumnae and outstanding members of the school community.

The APHS Hall of Fame has three purposes:

  • To honor distinguished alumnae of APHS who have demonstrated excellence in their professional and personal endeavors, contributing to the betterment of the school, community, and/or society. (APHS Hall of Fame Inductees)
  • To honor outstanding members of the APHS community — including faculty, staff, parents, and friends of APHS — for their significant commitment and contributions to the school community and its students. (APHS Medal Winners)
  • To provide current Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School (MBAP) students with strong examples of the benefits of their MBAP education and a source of inspiration for their futures.


The APHS Hall of Fame Committee, composed of volunteer APHS alumnae, manages the APHS Hall of Fame in partnership with MBAP. Members of the community submit nominations for the Hall of Fame. The APHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is held every other year. Family, friends, former inductees, and APHS community members are all welcome to attend the APHS Hall of Fame event.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominees will be considered based on the criteria outlined in more detail in sections below.
  • Any individual may submit a candidate for nomination to the APHS Hall of Fame.
  • Individuals may be nominated more than once.
  • A candidate may also be nominated and inducted posthumously to recognize distinguished accomplishments that were achieved or contributions that were made during their lifetime.
  • There are two types of nominations that may be submitted:
    • Nomination for a Hall of Fame Inductee (Alumnae)
    • Nomination for an APHS Medal Winner (Non-Graduate).
  • Each APHS Hall of Fame induction event will have a maximum of ten (10) Hall of Fame inductees and two (2) APHS Medal winners. Groups, such as sports teams, may also be nominated and may or may not be included in the maximum of ten (10) inductees.
  • Nominations for the APHS Hall of Fame are accepted on a rolling basis, as we host Hall of Fame induction events every other year. To prepare for each Hall of Fame induction event, the APHS Hall of Fame Committee will close nominations in advance of each Hall of Fame induction event. The closing date for each respective induction cycle will be posted on our website.

Hall of Fame Inductee (Alumnae) Eligibility & Criteria

  • Any graduate of APHS is eligible for induction into the APHS Hall of Fame.
  • Nominee should have graduated from APHS at least ten (10) years prior to induction.
  • Nominee has made a significant contribution to the school, community, and/or society in general in one or more of the following areas: (1) Arts, (2) Athletics, (3) Business, (4) Education, (5) Government & Public Service, (6) Science, (7) Service.
  • Hall of Fame nomination form must be submitted
  • Two (2) verified references may be requested by the APHS Hall of Fame committee.  Examples of references include: Individuals (Employers, Professors, etc.), Published work (Books, Articles, Journals, etc.), Published recognition (Newspaper or Magazine articles, etc.)

Our Alumnae are honored for their contributions...

In the Arts: Alumnae who are published writers; winners of literary or artistic awards; well-known musicians, composers, actors, and/or artists; established media contributors, etc.

In Athletics: Alumnae who are Olympians, professional athletes, and/or distinguished in their athletic career; renowned coaches, sports commentators, sports analysts, etc. 

In Business: Alumnae who are respected, established business leaders, including but not limited to business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders who have made a significant impact in their respective business sectors, etc.

In Education: Alumnae who are esteemed teachers, professors, and/or administrators; Published or established scholars or researchers, etc.

In Government & Public Service: Alumnae who have become prominent, elected, or appointed officials; distinguished law enforcement personnel; renowned military personnel; recognized leaders in governmental affairs, etc. 

In Science: Alumnae who are scientists making significant contributions to benefit humanity; recipients of recognition in any scientific field; distinguished medical personnel, including surgeons, doctors, nurses, etc.

In Service: Alumnae who have made significant, consistent contributions, for the benefit of the greater good, at the local, state, national, or global community 

APHS Medal Winner (Non-Graduate) Eligibility & Criteria

  • Non-graduates of APHS are eligible to receive the APHS School Medal.
  • Nominee is an outstanding member of the APHS community, such as faculty, staff, parents, and/or friends of APHS.
  • Nominee has exhibited a significant commitment to the school community and its students through time, experience, and knowledge contributions.
  • Two (2) verified references may be requested by the APHS Hall of Fame committee